About me

Sergey Lappo Hello, I’m Sergey Lappo.

You know, I can’t draw. Yeah, really, at all. And I can not repair your car, sorry. But I like to create something that could be helpful for me and others, so I became a programmer.

BTW, I’ve found out that our world really lacks of security, so in my free time (and sometimes at work) I’m working on something, that would increase people’s privacy and safety in the IT world (at least).


Currently I’m undergraduate last-year student of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, studying in Higher School of Software Engineering department, on the Software Engineering speciality.

In 2016-2017 I was part of the first wave of Mail.ru educational program JAVA – developer of the high load applications, also at the same time I was a mentee in EMC’s student’s mentoring program.


In 2016 I had my first near-industry work experience, while I was participating in a joint university and EPAM project. Its main goal was to increase the performance of code and pretty good results were achieved - 2 times performance increase.
Then I had my first employment in Devexperts which showd me how Fintech part of IT works, what does it mean to write high-quality code for UI and helped me to master Java. In this period I’ve passed Java Oracle certification. As a secondary project I was involved in Intellij Idea plugin development.
In 2018 I’ve joined the Mycelium Wallet Android team. It was a great oportunity to increase my Android programming experience, learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I’ve studied to write a lot of new code and not to fear to rewrite legacy modules.

Now I’m a Dell EMC Software Engineer (yeah, I’ve switched from fintech to something new).

Contact me

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my email address, or connect on Linked In.
Sergey Lappo